40 Days for Life

Battling the Slaughter of the Innocents

by Heather Pugh

“When Herod realized that he had been deceived by the magi, he became furious. He ordered the massacre of all the boys in Bethlehem and its vicinity two years old and under, in accordance with the time he had ascertained from the magi.
Then was fulfilled what had been said through Jeremiah the prophet:

‘A voice was heard in Ramah, sobbing and loud lamentation; Rachel weeping for her children, and she would not be consoled, since they were no more.’” (Matthew 2:16-18)

Slaughter of the Innocents

This slaughter continues today.  Only now, we slaughter our own children by choice.  We hand them over for execution freely in “clinics” which appear more like modern-day concentration camps to those opposed to the bloody battle being waged within their walls.   Many women take their unborn children to the executioner because they believe the lies they’ve been spoon-fed over the years since abortion was made legal.  Some believe the lie that the child they carry isn’t truly a child, but a clump of cells.  I’ve got news for them.  All living organisms are “clumps” of cells.  I personally border on 140 pounds of these cells and the cells that comprise my heart ache for these women to open their eyes to the truth.  Others believe the lie that their unborn child diagnosed with a “defect” of some kind is not perfect just as they are and cannot lead a fulfilling life or contribute to society in any way.  These children are indeed perfect just as they are because God Himself created them intentionally with their “defect” so that they can fulfill the mission for which they (and only they) were created. 

Dick Hoyt, a father of a man with Cerebral Palsy, was told when his son was born to forget about him and put him in an institution.  Dick Hoyt refused and instead brought his son home from the hospital and raised him just as he did his other children.  As a result of their incredible story, Dick’s true love for his son can give the world the inspiration it so desperately needs to rise above the egocentric filth that suffocates and silences our true nature; the nature which God our Father has given us.  But we must first open our eyes and our hearts to the truth.  The truth which God has written on our hearts; the truth which tells us that all human beings are made in His image.  The truth which tells us that we are all brothers and sisters; whether born or yet to be born and that God our Father knit us all together into His family.

St. Joseph, beloved foster father of our Lord Jesus, was told in a dream of Herod’s plan to kill Jesus and so he took Jesus and Mary and fled to Egypt to protect the life of the infant Jesus.  Today’s slaughter of the innocents is happening before our very eyes and with our approval because we continue to vote into office those who promise to perpetuate the slaughter and, in the case of our current President, expand it so as to allow the lies which brought us to this bloody battle to reverse the definition of right and wrong for yet another generation……IF they are lucky enough to survive the nine months spent in their mother’s womb.

On the frontline of this battle to save the lives of the helpless unborn are those who organize and participate in the 40 Days For Life.  Twice a year for 40 days in 130 communities throughout the U.S., Canada, Australia and Northern Ireland, men and women from all walks of life gather at abortion clinics (what a sterile word for what is in actuality a slaughterhouse that PETA would not rest until succeeding in shutting down) to prayerfully protest this atrocity and to be open to allowing the Holy Spirit to work through them to save the life of a child.  I would like to share with you some photos from one of our locations in California.  It is at the Planned Parenthood at 29th and B Streets in Sacramento and the photos were taken on the first day of Spring, March 20, 2009.


Many people are moved to get on their knees and pray for the lives of the babies and the
hearts of their mothers that they may choose life.
What a moving sight it would be to have the sidewalk in front of each abortion mill lined with soldiers of Christ on their knees in prayer!  No one would dare cross that line drawn by the hand of God.




The sign in front of Planned Parenthood which reads, “NO TRESPASSING PRIVATE PROPERTY  Permission to Enter Limited to Patrons During Business Hours 7:30AM-8:00PM   STRICT ENFORCEMENT FOR THE SAFETY OF OUR PATRONS AND EMPLOYEES”  Once a woman enters onto the battlefield, all we can do is pray for her.  The employees have set up a stereo at one of the driveways in an attempt to drown out the words of wisdom spoken to her by the sidewalk counselors who now must shout to be heard, causing them to sound angry instead of the loving words they are.

Signs on car 1Signs of car 2
Signs on car 3

Signs and bumper stickers on vehicles of those praying outside Planned Parenthood to reach women before they cross the battle lines.

Prayer 1Prayer 2
Soldiers praying in front of Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood Escort

Planned Parenthood has escorts to hurry the women inside.  They carry large umbrellas to prevent the women from seeing us pray for them should they turn around in response to the calls of the sidewalk counselors to let their baby live.  This one looks as though he is having second thoughts about his duties.

School Bus
Every time we go to the Planned Parenthood at 29th and B Streets, we see school busses go by.  This one is empty, but the one that drove by before it was loaded with children. 

There are several trees in front of the 29th & B Planned Parenthood (at least 5, if not 6 or 7).  But for some reason, this tree is the only one scheduled for removal.  Perhaps it’s because of the heart and cross on its trunk (see next picture below).
Tree 1


While we were participating in the 40 Days For Life, a Locksmith with a Christian fish symbol on the truck showed up to do some work for the country’s largest killer of infants.  What was that bumper sticker again?  “You can’t be Christian and pro-abortion.”  Perhaps someone should tell them that or maybe they need a refresher course on the 10 commandments.

Lady Bug
The beauty of God’s creation was all around us as we prayed for life.  With Spring upon us, we were reminded that Easter and the triumph of life over death is right around the corner.  Trusting in God’s goodness and mercy, we can be confident that the atrocity of abortion will one day come to an end.

Shell 1  Shell 2  We know that there are those who support abortion as being wholesome and good and a solution for our problems, but that is an empty promise that is completely lacking in truth and any goodness whatsoever.

Band with us, won’t you?  Join us during these 40 Days For Life either in presence at an abortion mill praying for life, or by fasting and praying at home or at work.  But please don’t sit on the sidelines doing nothing because, to quote Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

To find out about our next trip down during this 40 Days For Life campaign or for information in general about this inspiring event, call Maureen at 673-1437 or Heather at 751-9349.